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Geoffrey is a young self-taught painter, colorist in the movement of Willem de Kooning.

He has been living in Martinique since he was 8 years old

and decided to dedicate his professional life to painting at the age of 15 following a stay in the hospital.

The main themes of his paintings are his environment in the Caribbean

and his particular perception of life on a chlorophyll island bathed in light and water.

Chagall, Kandinski, his favorite painters inspire him. Geoffrey mixes abstract and figurative in his own way.

His paintings are on the walls of individuals and professionals in the Caribbean, Berlin, Portugal, Paris ...


An atypical artist in the tropics whose palette offers a wide selection.


Geoffrey's works open up a wide range of interpretations because of their different angles of perception.

At the time of impersonal generic graphics, his art will speak to lovers of colors, light, abstract art and his tropical vision, urban, natural.

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